The Hannay Birthday Book

In 1919, while they were still courting, my great-grandfather Angus HANNAY gave my great-grandmother Julia Amelia Constance TROLLIP, a birthday book as a gift.

The birthday book is a little black book, about 11 centimeters high. The pages are arranged so that on each left-hand page there are three dates marked, with two quotations (from poems or biblical verses) under each date.
On the right-hand side there are three corresponding empty boxes where you can write the names of anyone who has their birthday on that date.

My great-grandmother used it to enter all the birthdays of her family and friends – most of whom resided in the Grahamstown area of South Africa during the 1920’s.

The book was passed down through the generations and subsequently my grandfather, grandmother and mother have added in the birth dates of later generations as well as entries for the dates and details of some deaths in the family.

I’ve transcribed all the information contained in the book. Most of the names in the book are not relatives of mine. Hopefully they’ll be of use to anyone else trying to track down ancestors in South Africa.